Our company is a General Partnership Engineering Contracting Company that is trading as “H. PHILIS – N. NAPOLI & CO. G. P.” with the business name of “FINA G. P.”


The company has its registered office in Maroussi in Attica and at a leased building at 22 Aigaiou Street, where the company business is also operating (Engineering office).

The company has the capacity to establish stores, branches and all other types of establishments in order to serve its aims (e.g. warehouses) and to expand its business activities anywhere within the Attica valley and at other cities anywhere within the State of Greece.


The aims of the company are:

  • The construction of buildings and their sale;
  • The design of projects for all types of buildings and the issue of the necessary building permits for these, as well as the supervision of their construction;
  • The undertaking and project contractor construction of all types of engineering projects, (private and public);
  • All types of contractor construction works on buildings such as earthworks, bearing structure constructions, masonry, plastering, flooring and generally all the relevant works up to the entire completion of a construction, as well as the trading, importation, intra-Community acquisition of building materials in general, together with the importation, intra-Community acquisition, construction and marketing of dismantled pre-constructed residences;